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Visual Importer loads data into ANY Database from ANY Database or file
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14 April 2010

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Database requirements are consistently increasing with the increase in the automation of organizational processes. In today’s scenario, a typical organization does not maintain just one but a host of multiple databases in different formats in order to meet its requirements. The main problem that comes in such a scenario or while switching between different database programs that the database administrators encounter is related to safe and accurate transfer of database among these applications. If some add-on application is really good, then it often loses out on the speed of operations. Visual Importer v. is a professional tool that lets you do all the transfer of database between different programs in a simple and fast manner and also allows you to do operations on this data.

Visual Importer v. works at an extremely fast speed which goes to loading 14,347 records in a second with complete accuracy without any data loss in the process. The program is specifically meant for regular users who often face problems in importing, exporting and transforming this database. The program has a simplified interface which has been designed to give an intuitive functionality to the end user and facilitates in fast processing of the database. The program seamlessly works with all the data formats you can think of. Some of the formats MySQL (both basic and server edition), Postgre SQL, Oracle, DBF files, Single or multiple Excel files, Ms Access database and many others. In short, the database format should have compliance with ODBC standard which is generally found with most of the formats.

Summing it up, Visual Importer v. is a nice program for seamlessly working with multiple database formats in a fast and simple manner, leading it to score a nice rating of four and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Now You Can Load 14,347 Records A Second With The Easy-To-Use Visual Importer ETL
If you regularly export, transform or load database data, Visual Importer ETL is designed to
Save you time.
It does this in three ways:
Time Saver #1: Processing Speed
Using Visual Importer ETL Standard version, you can load a delimited text file into
MS SQL Sever via BCP 500000 lines in... 34 seconds!
That's 14,347.58 records per second.
Time Saver #2 Compatibility and Versatility
Processing speed is important, but it's not much use if you have to fiddle around with your data to get it into the right format.
So, we made sure Visual Importer works with almost all data formats you might be using.
It works with...
* Multiple Delimited or Fixed width Text files
* Multiple Excel files + Multiple Excel Spreadsheets
* Multiple MS Access Databases + Multiple Tables
* Multiple DBF Files
* Multiple Tables
* MS Sql Server
* Oracle Database
* MySql
* PostgreSql
* Interbase/Firebird
* Any ODBC Database
Visual Importer is a simple ETL tool
The latest version now allows you to load data from Utf8, Utf16BE, Utf16LE files with or without BOM.
There is full support for international characters for ODBC connections, MS SQL Servers and Oracle databases.
Unlike Oracle SQL loader, BCP, DTS or SSIS Visual Importer ETL can also add new and update old records based on user-defined key.

Time Saver #3 Ease Of Use
Because Visual Importer ETL was especially designed for non-technical users, it can be picked up in as little as 10 minutes...
I had my first upload running within 10 minutes of installing Visual Importer ETL"
Gene Kovacs, Director of Technical Business Operations, A2B
Source Data Filtering, Multiple source tables and files. Unlike Oracle SQL loader, BCP, DTS or SSIS, Visual Importer can also add new and update old records based on the user-defined key.
Visual Importer
Visual Importer
Version 4.9.6
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